We are a small climbing club with a rich heritage and a dedicated group of members who enjoy climbing all over the UK and abroad, both indoors and outdoors. We calendar a range of climbing meets throughout the year to reflect the diversity of climbing venues on offer. Being Birmingham based we don’t always have to dedicate a full weekend to climbing – as much as we would like to – but can easily spend a full day in the glorious Peak District.

Outdoor Climbing

Alongside scheduled climbing meets, our members try to get outside as much as possible. Regular venues include The Peak, the Wye Valley and North Wales. We have an excellent club hut situated near the top of the Tremadog cliffs which gives immediate access to trad climbing at all grades and near access to the Llanberis Pass and Snowdonia about 40 minutes away.

Indoor Climbing

We climb indoors – usually from 5pm – every Wednesday at Redpoint Climbing Centre, Birmingham. This is followed by a pub visit for a pint or an indoor meet presentation. Newcomers are more than welcome to join us whatever your experience or ability. Please contact us to let us know you are coming.

Safety Considerations

Although an enormous amount of fun, climbing puts us in situations which carry the possibility of injury or death and so we take safety extremely seriously. If you have not been taught to belay then we recommend that you have a lesson or two with professional instructors either before or after you first have a taste of climbing with us. We are more than happy to support novice climbers but we do not provide formal instruction.